The Goddess Collective

A Global community of women who choose to live the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle

The Code Of Love


The Goddess Collective is committed to bringing Holistic Leadership to the emerging interdependent world ( Holarchy link). We are a global community who practice to embody and actualize “ The 9 Principles Of Feminine Leadership”.
Together we unleash our dynamic and innate Feminine Wisdom with the awareness that Feminine Wisdom sources the “ Holistic Leader”.
We are committed to ushering leadership with love into an interconnected world where women and men are revered.

The Goddess Collective Code of LOVE:

    – Together we choose to create a safe place in which we actualize and embody our individual and collective leadership.
    – We don’t have to be perfect here It is a playground for our own Self-Expression, Self Authority, and Self Acceptance.
    – Each participant is Accountable and stands in their own Integrity.
    – We embrace differences, encourage curiosity and practice discovery.
    – We prefer no gossip, negative judgment or unhealthy competition.
    – We are Accountable for our own emotions and any shadow material that may come up. If we are judging someone harshly or in unhealthy competition with others, dare to take a look. Something within you might be trying to get your attention. If you’re really stuck in something, take action. Ask yourself, who in the Goddess Collective can support my process?
    – Practice positive witnessing and seeing the beauty in one another.whenever it is a clear reflection of your truth.
    Share growing edge feedback. What is growing edge feedback? Growing edge feedback is a positive contribution to another’s Becoming.
    For example, you sense how another could deepen into a Principle or improve their skill set. If you feel compelled to share growing edge feedback with  someone, ask them first and always start with what works.
    For example, Tina I really enjoyed your public speaking and I had a thought?Are you in a space for growing edge feedback?
    Please wait for their response and respect their boundaries. Every Goddess is empowered to say yes, no, or maybe later.
    – We encourage Flexible boundaries.
    – We invite personal experimentation and playful participation on your journey to Becoming.

The_GC_flower2May we all shine bright in our light as we share it with the world