The Goddess Collective

A Global community of women who choose to live the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle

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The Goddess Collective envisions many circles of women joining together in a collaborative effort to engage the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle.
Together as women, we are contributing to the emerging new paradigm of Feminine Leadership.
All of us are manifesting this new Feminine Archetype through our way of being and becoming.
We are a global community who practice to embody and actualize “ The 9 Principles Of Feminine Leadership”.
We invite you to co create and actualize this vision with us.

Are you interested in becoming a BRANCH DIRECTOR?
Branch Directors are women who are community oriented, live the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle, and choose to align with “ The 9 Principles of Feminine Leadership”.
As a Branch Director, you may engage and create The Goddess Collective in your own location/town/city.

The_GC_lotusThe Goddess Collective category’s for community are:

    Networking groups
    Keynote speaker plus networking
    Feminine Leadership training of “ The 9 Principles of Feminine Leadership”
    Google Hang out facilitator

The_GC_lotusRequirements for Branch Directors:

    Interview with The Goddess Collective Leadership Team
    Attend The Feminine Leadership Academy to understand and integrate The 9 Principles of Feminine Leadership and to better live The Feminine Leadership Lifestyle.
    Engage in the Monthly Branch Director Feminine Leadership conference call.