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NEW MOON IN SIDEREAL PISCES March 27, 2017 10:57 pm EDT On Saturday, March 25, retrograde Venus was conjunct the Sun in Sidereal Pisces. She has been in Her Evening Star form showing dazzlingly bright soon after sunset in the west. But from the 29th of March will start to rise in Her Morning Star aspect and will be seen before dawn in the east. Venus goes direct April 15th, and out of Her shadow aspect May 19th. Venus represents the emerging Goddess for us presently. Find Her in the sky and contemplate the meaning of Goddess in your life. Marvel at Her beauty and attune to the sky, the heavenly constellations, and the planets therein. In the evenings you can see retrograde Jupiter in Virgo in the south-east near the fixed star Spica: brilliant with an orange cast. The beautiful constellation of Leo will be in the south moving toward its zenith. On April 7th Jupiter will oppose the Sun which means that when the sun sets in the west, Jupiter will be rising in the east; at Midheaven around midnight. The stars are 4 minutes earlier each day, so in a month that is a shift of two hours. Catch them while you can! There is not much else to add to the Spring Equinox astro-posting a week ago. Read that to see what is up for the next three months starting then! If you followed my blog on zuzannavee.wordpressDOTcom, you’ll be familiar with the new moon healing of collective and personal trauma related to the Great Ages and corresponding with each new moon. The sidereal Pisces new moon invites us to look at how our lives embody the Martyr/Victim archetype. The Age of Pisces was the last half of the patriarchal paradigm from which we presently work to extricate ourselves (for more details see the full article in the archives). We have a lot of trauma-healing from that past Age to do. Many of us are still frightened to be ourselves in all our powerful feminine glory because of patriarchal persecution, legislation, mandates, etc., etc., etc. In this post-New Age era in which we find ourselves, it behooves us to release the trauma, release the identity of martyr/victim that accompanied the Age of Shadow Pisces. We may feel we are being irreverent or disrespectful to our family, or larger group with which we identify, if we release this martyr/victim identity. However, we do need to clear this before we can ever blossom as whole, healthy individuals into Goddess Consciousness. Each new moon cycle gives us opportunities; each new moon presents a different archetype with which to work. Through my personal healing journey I have found that if I envision the archetype as separate from me, a visiting being instead of a mood, or state of being, it can much more easily be addressed, the message integrated, and the whole thing released. Sometimes just acknowledging the archetype is enough and the energy will dissipate. If this new moon cycle brings up feelings of victimhood or martyrdom, and you are ready to change, acknowledge the archetype that carries this message to you. Acknowledge that the mood or mental state is not you, it is something you are habitually hanging onto, unwilling to examine, but carrying nonetheless. It is something you have identified with that is not the essential you. See this archetype clearly, have a conversation if need be. When the work feels done, ask what more you need to do around this issue with the intent of following through (there may be nothing more). Then allow the archetype to take her leave of you. The archetype itself is nothing to fear. It is a presence with a message only. The real trick is being willing to release this part of your identity – or more to the point, to really relate with it fully, so it can be acknowledged and released. Ask yourself what is the payoff for you embodying the archetype, instead of acknowledging the archetype as a Cosmic Energy active in our world today. Enmeshment happens not only within romantic/sexual relationships, but potentially with all that we encounter. This post-New Age era is about letting go of all that no longer supports our spirit. The list is long. If life becomes overwhelming doing this work during this cycle, remember Pisces’ polar twin, Virgo. Exercise exemplary self-care and implement healthy routine. Eat good food, get quality sleep, meditate, get out in nature, drink plenty of water, have a hot soak in the bath with your favorite essential oils, candles and the whole shebang. Dance, create artwork that reflects your inner process, draw the archetype - be creative! I would love to read our comments about how this Pisces new moon brings opportunities for self-knowledge and healing into your life. Blessing to you all! My website is: zuzannavee.wordpressDOTcom

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She's coming into her power... She's ready for her match. She spent years confusing broken wings with eligibility, distracting herself from her "self" in the roles of healer/savior/caretaker, Confusing fearful control with nurturing, Betraying her truth to avoid abandonment, and protecting herself from her own fears of unworthiness by settling for unworthy relationships. She feels no regret or remorse over the past because she is aware that this was her path to awakening... It was necessary to choose her own reflection in the unavailable in order for her love to become available to herself... It was all part of the divine planning of her soul… she was destined to fall, to be brought to her knees, fears realized… Degraded, mocked... Heart cracked open and shattered to reveal the fierce, protective love of self that was there unknown to her all along... She was one who chose the initiation of the dark night of the soul in order to emerge out of her false ideas of self into the light of her own compassion and love... To drop from the sky and to finally recover her wings that got buried in the mire of illusion and forgetfulness. Something huge shifted in her when her shadow rose from the dark night to meet the light and merged... After that she felt whole and complete as she was... Happy in her own skin, Inspired by her own passions… She has now stepped into her party shoes, She's ready to "live"... To dance to her own tune while dancing with another... Smooth legs shaved of self doubt Sexy, mysterious, deep, untangled… Maiden, mother, temptress, Goddess… Embodying the magic of the ageless medicine woman that she was all along... Freed from the cords and attachments created by her wounds to access the wisdom gifts of her wounds... She has become fully available not just to herself but to the world. She’s ready now to discover her equal, to not only give but to also receive all that she deserves and more… She no longer believes in lack or limitation she’s no longer willing to settle for second best or fall prey to the broken and the needy… She knows that she has the power to manifest what she wants, so she’s calling in a partner and a life that not only loves, nurtures and fulfills her, but enables the emergence of all that she is. ॐ <3 © Caroline de Lisser Photographer- Amy Elizabeth Tripp of Misumi Photography Makeup- Mia Wright Over 40 model - Lisa C. Adams

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Jennifer Gilchrist
How is your faith these days?
Do you believe in miracles?
Have you been asking for spiritual support for a specific situation?

If this is something you've been struggling with, I invite you watch this week's Angel Card Reading... Each of the cards I pull this week are all about having faith and also how to ask Archangel Raphael for spiritual support.

Check it out in the video below... And as always, I'd love to hear from you so chime in with your aha's and insights below after you've had a chance to watch.


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How is your faith these days? Do you believe in miracles? Have you been asking for spiritual support for a specific situation? If this is something you've been struggling with, I invite you watch this week's Angel Card Reading... Each of the cards I pull this week are all about having faith and also how to ask Archangel Raphael for spiritual support. Check it out in the video below... And as always, I'd love to hear from you so chime in with your aha's and insights below after you've had a chance to watch. <3 #SoulSuccess PS: Come join me over in the Soul Success Circle for a New Moon Ritual happening today at 2 pm Pacific. If you can't be there live, join in anyways so you can catch the recording! >> <<

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Hello lovely Goddesses!

As coaches, healers, mentors and guides, we take serving others through our gifts and passions seriously. We want to serve deeply and effectively and in a way that maximizes the best of who we are and how we do things.

So we do everything we can to reach our highest potential:

• We take on the best high end trainings to become grounded in our work and the way we channel our gifts and serve our tribe.

• We work with incredibly tuned in and highly skilled coaches who help us tap into the potential of our offerings and take things to the next level, that help us upgrade to a bigger platform where our message is clearer and better heard.

• We study under amazing gurus, spiritual teachers, healers, intuitive guides and shamans, who take us to the deepest spaces within ourselves whilst reaching new heights of insight and understanding.

• We do our own mindset work consistently and with real passion as we know it will help us break through the barriers holding us from becoming visible and reaching our goals.

And all this work is wonderful AND necessary.

Yet even though all these tools are needed and absolutely groundbreaking in bringing us the recognition and success we are looking for, we need to ask an important question:

Are we making BEST USE OF THEM?

Are we ALLOWING them to empower OR disempower us?

Using all this help and support as something that will 'add' that elusive magic to who we are and what we have to offer, is disempowering and unconsciously leads us to disown the power we have within.

In fact, a true empowering and DOWN-TO-THE-CORE-AUTHENTIC COACH will not be interested to give you or add NO THING to who you are and what you do.

A real coach will strip you down from the farcades and illusions you hold as a human being, and be able to connect you to your truth.

She/ he knows and understands their tools so well, they have mastered freedom through technique and can guide you to unchartered territories where your TRUE ESSENCE lies.

Because the REAL ESSENCE of finding SUCCESS through our work is based on our ABILITY and SKILL to TUNE IN TO THE TRUTH more than anything else.

And our talent is only a fragment of that, not the whole picture.

Let’s face it, at some point, we all tried to hide behind our program and gifts. When things got a bit scary for us, the idea of our powerful healer identity became more important than our ability to heal.



Your status as healer or coach is just another label and program.

(are you prepared to know this?)


Like true romantic soulmates, we are here to help awaken our soulmate clients and as we do so they help awaken us more and more into our gifts. That is a TRUTH about that exchange of energy.

The truth and essence of your work is the single most important thing that matters to your clients. (And to all of your relationships for that matter).


Whatever your niche,
Whatever your service,
Whatever your marketing plan.

A truth to the core of your soul and being.
A truth that speaks beyond how good your formula, website and sales page is.



That is your task.

So if you’re finding yourself constantly wondering if you re talented enough in what you do and who you are in your work and service, you might want to SHIFT that questioning and ask yourself instead. AM I BEING TRUE TO MYSELF? TO WHO I AM?


It will shake the biggest hurdles and move mountains for you if you are prepared to see and take it on.

And yes you need to be prepared and brave for truth to have its way with YOU FIRST.

But for those of us who say yes to it, It will cut through the bull and get us OUT OF COMPETITION AND IN A LEAGUE OF OUR OWN!

As the beautiful poet and renaissance woman, Andrea Balt says:

“Don’t be afraid of losing all the lies that need to be lost. be more afraid of not finding the naked truth that, in the depths of you, screams to be found.
You can't lose what you no longer are.

And what is really yours will never leave you.”

Samaya Adelin
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Lovely Taina Pemberton from Finland reveals her deep soul journey to finding her joy in life, through my Ultimate Money Goddess retreat in Bali — with Taina Pemberton ... Read MoreSee Less

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Gorgeous New Moon creations have hit the shop!

Moon Magic Goddess
Sun Goddess
Turtle Totem
Wolf Totem
Angels Watching Over Me
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'Know Thyself' - Temple of Apollo at Delphi
This special Enneagram of personality event is coming up soon - sign up today to reserve your spot. We must all do the important work of self-observation and self-knowledge.…
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I have an amazing masterclass coming up this Tuesday 3/28, 9am HST, 3pm EST on Activating your highest psychic gifts! Tell me what you are struggling with in? Lets take you to the next level. The one step u that keeps you from your $20k consistent monthly income. The secret lies in soul alignment and activating your highest psychic gifts.

Masterclass registration link:…
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Enjoy the Angel's messages to empower your week...

This week the Angels encourage you to BE YOUR TRUE SELF and EMBODY LOVE.

Card #1: LOVE

The Angels encourage you to open your eyes to all the love around you. What you want and need is all around you!

For some people, this is a strong message to open your third eye and clairvoyance.

For some people, this is a very strong message of romance - whether a new relationship or renewed passion within an existing relationship.

Stretch yourself into greater depths of love. Honor every part of yourself. Honor your divine feminine energy. Honor your divine masculine energy. Honor your deepest desires and wishes. Honor your quirkiness and personality.

As you honor and love all of you, you are like a flower blossoming.

Once you feel full of love, express that love in the world in a powerful, meaningful way.

What kind of love do you want to experience? Express it, receive it, give it, and BE it.

March 27 is a New Moon and perfect time to set intentions for what you would like to experience this next month. Plus, this time is supercharged by the spring energy.

Be who you truly are and love yourself!

What does this love message mean to you? Where are you being asked to stretch into love? Is that your own self-love? Or compassion with others? How are you being asked to express more love through your Divine Life Purpose? Are you being guided to connect more clearly with the Angels?

Please share below the video!

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Pure Love, Peace and Harmony wants to help you, along with Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing, Health and Empowerment. They want to help you with any healing you need to do in order to experience love.


The Angels say to have compassion for yourself and others. See yourself and others as worthy and divine.

If there's anyone in your life that you haven't fully embraced or have resentment toward, do forgiveness work. You can write them letters of understand, compassion and forgiveness to clear the energy (whether you send the letters or not).

Take responsibility for your actions. And send love and compassion to anyone you are guided to this week.

Love yourself. Love this life. Love the journey.

What does this week's message mean to you? Please share below the video. I love hearing from you!

Enjoy this loving week ahead!

With love,

(This week's cards are the "Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards" by Toni Carmine Salerno

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Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®
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Enjoy the Angel's messages to empower your week... This week the Angels encourage you to BE YOUR TRUE SELF and EMBODY LOVE. Card #1: LOVE The Angels encourag...

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BLOOM WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED! my Brazilian senyaasin friend once said to me. While both living on Ibiza, Ms Komala Lyra The Lovely shared this piquant bit of insight, addressing my fussiness and discontent. She delivered this wisdom nugget at a time, like now, when the blessings of opportunity were completely surrounding and embracing me ~

Except I was too full of my self to recognize this then. (Like, who in their right mind could be fussy on Ibiza anyway?) But I was! Then, as now, I was surrounded by limitless grace, however, couldn't really see it cuz I was still looking in the wrong place. From the outside, in ... comparing myself to others and their various personality dances.

Now here in Portland, the significant shift has been made. I look out from my Soul's window - listening, watching and seeing a whole new landscape out there, seen from in here. Because the lens of my perception now originates from within, the impressions I receive 'out there' are so much clearer and accurate. And more comforting too.

Always one who exhaustively made it about 'situations and circumstances,' my primal pivot has reoriented my understanding considerably. The out there is no more (and no less) than an intimate reflection of how I live in here, from within.

Tricky word-play aside, this basic shift, truly a lifetime in the making, has made my life so much easier and more fun to live. I'm no longer endlessly comparing myself to others - what they do - how they do it - if they like me - am I ever good enough???

The constant internal yada-yada-yada that ran my life, always distorting my core sense of self, has thankfully abated away. Leaving a whole lot of lovin going on. Yea-Yea-Yea - thank you so much! And believe you me, this feels so much better. Just ask my friends ~
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NEW MOON March 27th
(it's time to prepare)
Have you been feeling pulled to start a new? Well the new moon will always remind you of this. This internal clock will always arise energetically in your cells triggering your mind, body and spirit to create a new.
~Clear your closets
~Put winter gear away
~Clean out your cabinets of old food
~Prepare your goals and intentions for the summer
~Get organized with summer plans
~AND treat yourself to a mani pedi with bright spring colors!

Try this fun EASY ritual you can use every new moon ❤✨
More fun rituals at
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New Moon in Aries today! In the beginning... ... Read MoreSee Less

Monday, March 27th, today is the New Moon in the sign of Aries. This is a very powerful point of beginning. The Sun/Moon at 8 degrees of Aries is in a close conjunction to Venus retrograde in Aries. A whole new relationship to self is being born today. Uranus, Mercury and Eris are also conjunct in the later degrees of Aries stressing a whole new way of thinking based on our spiritual awakenings. The feminine is rising and miracles will happen. Saturn practically stationary at the Galactic Center in a supportive trine to Uranus, Mercury & Eris and trine to the North node in Virgo brings us body mind and spirit to a new level of beingness. Allow the new to come through, do not fight the change. Take care of your physical vehicle (body) which is under a lot of stress at this time. Hydrate, eat light and be the light on the path. We are waking up folks and the dawn is beautiful! #NewMooninAries #DailyAstrology #TheRiseoftheFeminine

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Join in for Clean and Clear freedom Starting April 6. It's FREE. Learn to clear your emotions with experts in the field and Dr. Martha Tara Lee.
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