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Ma – The Sacred Sound of the Divine Feminine

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by Nicolle Aleman.

We open every Goddess Collective meeting by joining hands and toning the sound vibration MA, the simplest sound form of the Divine Mother, three times.
This group chant is a beautiful experience to participate in, an easy way for all the Goddess women in our meetings to connect in with each other and the Divine Mother.
By joining our voices, we are also joining our energies and setting the tone for each meeting. For me, it’s a moment where my spirit crosses from the light, joyous buzz of networking and socializing into a beautifully sacred, grounded realm.
The sound reverberates in my chest, rattling my heart, lifting and weaving with the other women in the circle. I feel centered and calm and connected after the MA chant is completed, refreshed and eager to begin.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way.Thousands of people join in this chant throughout the year at appointed times in reverence to The Great Mother, the living, breathing, beautiful Earth that we walk and sing and live upon. MA.
Without Whom none of us could exist and certainly could not survive.

Recently, I began to wonder about the origins of the sound form MA and why it and so many derivatives of it are used in our world to refer to…well, our moms!
MA is the root sound for “mother” in hundreds of different cultures, all speaking various languages.
It’s the first real word that many humans utter around copious mouthfuls of drool when we’re cute, bouncy little infants.
It’s a commonplace, every day word, the call to which millions of mothers around the world respond to.
Some experts explain the use of “Ma” and similar words within so many different cultures around the globe simply as a learned behavior born out of the repeated syllables that babies babble away before they begin to actually speak with any real understanding.
“M” is one of the easiest sounds for a baby to make, thus many experts believe that babies started saying “Ma” and parents attached meaning to it by encouraging them to use the sound as a moniker to refer to themselves.

But to me (and perhaps to you) it just feels like there’s more to MA than that. MA feels and sounds ancient, holy, and healing when I chant it.
“MA is a calling to, an honoring of, a beckoning to the Divine Feminine…the Mother of us all,” says Marta Maria Marraccini, Founder and Facilitator of the Goddess Collective, LLC.>

Our ancestors would agree. Anthropologists have long established that during the Upper Paleolithic period when the Goddess ruled the religious roost, before it was understood that human conception required participation of both the male and female sexual counterparts, females were seen as the sole producer of children and were thus referred to as “the giver of life.”
Merlin Stone writes in When God Was a Woman, “In these Upper Paleolithic societies – in which the mother may have been regarded as the sole parent of the family, ancestor worship was apparently the basis of sacred ritual, and accounts of ancestry were probably reckoned only through the matriline – the concept of the creator of all human life may have been formulated by the clan’s image of the woman who had been their most ancient, their primal ancestor and that image thereby deified and revered as Divine Ancestress.”

The Mother aspect of the Goddess is the mature, passionate, and powerful Woman who heals herself and those around Her.
She is creative, fertile, dynamic, and fiercely protective of those and that which She has birthed.
When we connect in with Her, we are tapping a deep and primitive part of ourselves that can move mountains and calm the wildest storms. She is the purest expression of our sacred and creative selves.
The intention behind the Goddess Collective is to “gather, create, celebrate, share and support each others’ visions in the world.”
By calling out this Creative Mother in ourselves and each other, we reflect Her beauty back to the Goddesses around us, stepping into that powerful intention and strengthening it thousand-fold before sending it out in the world.

Ready? Sing it with me.


The circle is ready. The Women are here. Let’s begin…

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