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Gain Love, Insight and Fun with Amy Ahlers

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By Lisa Kotecki

Amy-AhlersWe are so proud of our fellow sister Amy Ahlers and her Big Celebration today for her book launch! Wooo-hoooo Amy!!!

Ready to expose the Big Fat Lies like “It’s too late for me” or “I’m Not Enough” & discover the TRUTH about how fabulous you are?

You’ll love this book! “Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar” (

Does any of this sound familiar?

    I am not lovable just the way I am
    I don’t measure up
    If I say no, people won’t love me
    When I get ____ I’ll be happy

I know I am guilty of feeling those things from time to time! Especially going out in the world, as I’m playing a bigger and bigger game.Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves is a tremendous resource for us gals to ixnay those thoughts once and for all!

Going through 59 common “lies” we tell ourselves, the book explores these Lies, and goes through exercises and affirmations to get us through to the other side of seeing the TRUTH of our MAGNIFICENCE, BRILLIANCE, and LIGHT to shine it through.

For those of you Goddesses who have been to one of our live events, you know the focus of our work is to create a place for women to become, to fully embrace the brilliance of who we all are as women, and to celebrate every single stage of our journey. This book is an excellent tool for those of us that are feeling like we need some support to work through the “super zero unhero”, the parts that feel unlovable, undeserving or not good enough in the moment.It is one of those timeless books that you can keep on your bookshelf and reference time and time again.

I have personally (Lisa here) had the honor of working with Amy behind the scenes on this book launch, and have read the book and I can say Amy is a woman who truly lives the principles of the book. She is every bit as warm-hearted, authentic, and kind as she comes across through the pages. What you see is what you get!

Again, BIG BIG congratulations, Amy Ahlers!

May all our lights shine brightly as we walk the world living in our brilliance.


Marta Maria, Lisa and Sarah

PS – For the Oakland Goddesses, please come join the Goddess Collective as we go to the Book reading for the Big Fat Lies at Great Good Place for Books, 6120 La Salle Ave, Oakland CA.

PS – Here’s what some of the other ladies have said about the book:

“I highly recommend this book for any woman who just wants to be happy.” – Kristine Carlson, best-selling author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff For Women

“blockquote>Stop everything you are doing – you have to read this book!” – Lisa Nichols, best-selling author of No Matter What!

Order your copy here:

Please share this book with a woman that you know is being way too hard on herself.

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