The Goddess Collective

A Global community of women who choose to live the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle

Vision and Mission


The Goddess Collective is committed to bringing Holistic Leadership to the emerging interdependent world.
We are a global community who practice to embody and actualize “ The 9 Principles Of Feminine Leadership”. Together we unleash our dynamic and innate Feminine Wisdom with the awareness that Feminine Wisdom sources the “ Holistic Leader”.

We are committed to ushering leadership with love into an interconnected world where women and men are revered.


The Goddess Collective is a place for holistic leaders to BECOME. We create a safe, kind, and unique playground for participants:

  • To embody Holistic Leadership ( Leadership 2.0) and claim their LIFE.
  • To follow the “ Code of LOVE”.
  • To actualize their leadership abilities.
  • To conceptualize, birth, and bring their dream into fruition.
  • To collaborate with others to generate connections, events, and engagements to hold the container for this vision.

Core Values

The Goddess Collective is established on the following:

  • We function from “The 9 Principles of Feminine Leadership”.
  • We are co-creators ushering and sharing leadership and collaborative practice
  • We participate in a unified field of consciousness ( Holarchy) which celebrates and honors the sacred within all.