The Goddess Collective

A Global community of women who choose to live the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle



Feminine Leadership is a lifestyle

A FEMININE LEADER has the willingness to AWAKEN to her inner leadership, strengthen those aspects of self, and dares to go first. She supports and inspires both consciously and unconsciously, through her potent vision, clear actions, and empowered presence.
All while functioning from a steady foundation strengthened by The 9 Principles of Feminine Leadership.

Feminine leaders can generate interpersonal life changes, effectively strategize on small and large scales while building purposeful individual and community relations. These relationships can bring vitality to and nurture positive-force ventures. Through the Feminine Leadership Academy, we are awakening, training and supporting women to embrace the Feminine Leadership Lifestyle and actualize that leadership in their world. Together we support the manifestation of the Feminine Leader Archetype on a global scale.