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The Goddess Collective event on Feb 29th 2012!

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Beautiful Women of The Goddess Collective,

We are still buzzing with excitement from the rush of last month’s amazing event.
This month promises to be just as fun, juicy, and full of connection, community, and celebration.

It is an honor to cultivate our connections and expand The GC community with you!

The GC will introduce the principle of ” Embodied Presence” and how it may impact your personal, professional, and most importantly your relationship with YOU.

We will share community, have a raffle, snacks, chai, and hear from our keynote speaker Maggie Ostara and our presenter Jessica Libbey.

Our keynote Speaker: Maggie Ostara (

Maggie-OstaraMaggie Ostara is a powerful Goddess who reached the 200K marker her first year in business.
In her talk, she will share, 3 Keys to Greater Visibility, Owning Your True Value and Stepping Out of the Competition by Embracing the Flavor of You.

Have you been trying all sorts of different marketing ideas or thinking and feeling lost in the marketing madness? That’s what happens when you get disconnected from a deep sense of who you are and why you are doing your business in the first place.Your true SUCCESS comes from being YOU, showing up as YOU, embracing and appreciating yourself, and creating from there.

Our presenter: Jessica Libbey ( will discuss how we can develop shame resilience!
This evening, Jessica will share about what shame really is, how it shows up and holds us back and why it’s necessary to open up to it so that we can learn to move through it in a way that allows us to be our most authentic and best selves.

Jessica believes that developing an awareness and a conscious relationship with our shame allows us to access the deep love, joy, courage, connection and intimacy that we all crave in our lives.

Please purchase your advance tickets at

May we all know the beauty of Embodied Presence.


Marta Maria, Sarah and Lisa | The Goddess Collective Leadership Team

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